Powerseed Elegant - 5.000mAh - Gold / White

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The Elegant powerbank from Powerseed looks modern and smart. LED lights show how much power is available. The powerbank shuts down automatically when no power is being requested. Thanks to the new battery type (Lithium polymer) this powerbank is smaller and more light then the average smartphone.

Works with all devices that normally charge through USB cable like TomTom, Samsung Galaxy products and Apple with their iPhone, iPad & iPod. Suited for almost every smartphone, tablet, navigation, digital camera and more devices.

The Elegant model has a capacity of 5.000mAh. The iPhone 6 battery has a capacity of 1.810mAh. Which means you can charge the iPhone 6 over 3 times! Perfect for a day trip, vacation or events. Charging during usage of your devices? No problem. Make endless use of the camera, navigation or playing Pokemon Go!

What devices do you have that could use more power?

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More Information
EAN-Code 0639738263779
Size 139x63x10mm
Battery type Lithium polymer
mAh 5.000
Quick Charge No
Input DC 5V/1.5A
Output 1 DC 5V/2.1A
Net weight 135g
Accessories USB to micro-USB cable
Shipping Boxes 1
Box 122x16x6cm
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Product code PS5-EG-GLD


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